Hurricane Earl Projected Path

The world has been watching and reliving the horrors of Katrina and the aftermath in New Orleans five years ago. At the same time, another tropical storm is threatening the Miami area. The latest coming out of the National Hurricane Center leaves the folks in Miami a bit anxious. Hurricane Earl’s projected path definitely has a bead on the area.

The more news that hits the airwaves regarding Earl, the more upset the residents become. What was originally deemed a Category 1 storm has managed to build momentum as it heads  inward. By Tuesday, residents should expect to see 75 mph winds and a possible Category 3 storm. The hurricane tracker is being maintained to keep up with hurricane Earl’s projected path.

Residents in the North Caribbean have already set up emergency shelters and have cancelled flights. Cruise lines have diverted their paths to avoid the storm and Miami will most likely see the pits of the storm soon. The northern Leeward Islands could possibly see the troubles by late Sunday night. Hopefully the level of preparedness is Miami is greater than that was in New Orleans especially with the warning of hurricane Earl’s projected path.

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