26 Bodies Found in Western Mexico

Mexico’s never-ending war between local drug cartels took the lives of 26 men that were found in downtown Guadalajara in Western Mexico, local media reported. Police found the bodies in two vans abandoned near the Millennium Arches, which are considered as major local landmarks. Guadalajara is Mexico’s second-largest city, which is located on the main highway starting at the methamphetamine-producing state of Michoacan and heading north toward the Pacific Coast state of Sinaloa.

Mexican Drug War

Luis Carlos Najera, public security secretary for the state of Jalisco, said that police officers have found a message in one of the vans without elaborating.

The mighty Sinaloa drug cartel is dominating the underground world of the 1.5-million Guadalajara but other cartels threaten their dominance after Sinaloa’s regional commander, Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel, was shot dead by federal police officers in July 2010. Since then the city crime rate hit the sky, with factions of the cartel known as the New Generation and the Resistance trying to set foot at territories earlier controlled by the dead boss. Hundreds of people have been murdered in street battles since the drug war has started.

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