Dr. Conrad Murray Sentenced In Death Of Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician who caused Michael Jackson’s death of overdose, was sentenced to four years in jail by Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor. This is the maximum possible sentence for Murray, who was described by the judge as a reckless physician and horrifically violated trust while caring for the legendary singer.

Conrad Murray Sentence

According to the judge, Dr. Murray lied on many occasions and was involved in a string of horrible medicine. He also depicted the extensive use of propofol as medicine madness, which violated Murray’s sworn obligation, for money, fame, prestige and whatever else may have occurred.

Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and he might serve only half oh his sentence due to overcrowding in jails across the United States.

Michael Jackson’s family said in a statement they are pleased with the sentence, declaring that they have never sought a revenge.

Dr. Murray did not use his right to address the court directly but said “I love you” to his mother and girlfriend who were sitting in the courtroom.

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