North Korea Threatens ‘A Sea of Fire’ upon South Korea

North Korea issued harsh threats following a big military exercise that South Korean military organized near the border between North and South Korea. Pyongyang said it would South Korea’s presidential palace into a “sea of fire,” responding to any provocation by Seoul, after South Korea organized a huge land, sea and air military exercise to mark the first anniversary of a lethal North Korean attack on the South Korea’s border island of Yeonpyeong. A year ago military hostilities between the North and South almost led to a full-scale war.

North Korea Sea of Fire

The military Supreme Command of North Korea issued a statement, saying that their Southern neighbors should remember the lesson of the Yeonpyeong attack, when the North attacked the South, claiming that a military drill fired artillery shells that hit North’s sea waters. In the meantime, the North’s Supreme Command put the armed forces in full readiness, readying the country’s military to respond to any “provocation” by the South.

Two Marines and two civilians lost their lives in the last year’s shelling, while the attack ruined numerous buildings on the border island. The South was angered by the first attack on civil targets since the 1950-1954 war and international efforts were required to avoid further escalation of the conflict.

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