Miley Cyrus Alludes To Smoking Weed

Miley Cyrus turned 19 on November 23 and boasted she is smoking weed only to announce it was a stupid joke after the news hit the newspapers’ front pages. Reportedly, she called herself a stoner, while people close ot her to her denied it a few hours later. Paparazzi caught 18-year-old “Hanna Montana” star smoking salvia in 2010 when media moralists were much more shocked by the news.

Miley Cyrus

Kelly Osbourne, a good friend of Cyrus, tweeted that she is definitely not a stoner, which is impossible to happen to a person who is working every day, her recording/filming/touring duties aside. Public relations advisers to Cyrus went on to say the whole story was a big joke that went out of control when the media took it seriously. Tabloids like such news and eagerly disseminate unverified stories on personal life of celebrities, especially those who are part of Hollywood’s elite.

Meanwhile, Cyrus dedicated her latest song “Liberty Walk” to the Occupy Wall Street supporters. Cyrus herself is not filmed in the video to the song, which features Occupy protest staged at different parts of the world. The introductory dedication is saying that the song is devoted to all those who are standing up for what they believe in. Actually, such a dedication can be devoted to all reasonable protesters, regardless of their cause, PR experts commented.

Last year, Forbes magazine listed Miley Cyrus as the 18th top earner in Hollywood, estimating her earnings at $48 million.

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