Kentucky Church Bans Interracial Couples

A small Kentucky Baptist church voted 9 to 6 to impose ban on interracial members but the church’s national association was quick to ask the Gulnare Free Will Baptist church in Pike County reconsider the ban. The church instituted the ban after Stella Harville, a white woman, brought her black fiance, Ticha Chikuni, to the church in June. Stella’s father serves as church secretary and clerk.

Kentucky Church Ban

Local pastor Stacy Stepp told local media he is not convinced the ban will stay, while then-pastor Melvin Thompson insists the ban should stay although he resigned in August due to health issues. Thompson says he is not prejudiced against any race of people, while he has never in his lifetime spoke evil about a race. He is calling the issue an “internal affair” of the church.

Keith Burden, executive secretary of the national association, expressed her hope that the Gulnare congregation will reconsider its vote, following a clear signal by the association, which shelters 2,400 member-churches nationwide. She went on to say that the association is not a bunch of bigots or a bunch of racists, urging Gulnare congregation members to vote to remove the ban on Sunday.

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