Albuterol: Paris Hilton Vice

The  life of a celebrity always seems intriguing from the outside. However, when the life of the celebrity spirals out of control, often even the family can’t intervene. Many big celebrities live their lives in front of a camera and not necessarily by choice. Considering Paris Hilton’s latest arrest, the world now knows a little bit more about the drug Albuterol.

The drug is usually used for  patients who have wheezing or coughing in relation to asthma related illnesses. However, Hilton had this legal drug and about .8 grams of cocaine in her purse when she was arrested. This set of charges could land the repeat offender anything from probation to four years in prison. The minute $5,000 fine that Paris Hilton faces is nothing compared to her freedom, but the use of the albuterol is a mystery.

Paris has strayed from her normal story line citing that a friend had borrowed her purse and may have left the drug inside. Hilton was allowed to go inside a restaurant before she was actually searched and thus her attorney is likely going to cite that the search was illegal. The fact that officers originally stopped an automobile that Hilton was riding in because of the aroma of marijuana may not matter at all. However, Hilton did have cocaine, zig-zag rolling papers and a broken table of Albuterol in her bag.

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