Gadhafi son tried to go to Mexico

Mexico stopped a plot to secretly smuggle Saadi Gadhafi, a son of the late Lybian leader Moammar Gadhafi, into the country with counterfeit documents, Interior Minister Alejandro Poire said at a press conference. Two Mexican citizens were involved in the international plot along with a Dane and a Canadian, he added. The four people who allegedly tried to help Saadi Gadhafi to illegally enter the country were arrested in November but the authorities decided to unveil the plot on Wednesday.

Gadhafi Son Mexico

The plotters wanted to provide Saadi Gadhafi and his family with fake Mexican documents and help them in purchasing a number of properties in the country, which would allow them to safely hide in Mexico. The family of the former Lybian leader’s son intended to settle near Bahia de Banderas, in the heart of the popular tourist destination Puerto Vallarta.

Saadi Qaddafi resides in Niger after leaving Lybia in August and will remain there until the United Nation’s travel ban imposed on members of the Gadhafi family is lifted, his lawyer Nick Kaufman said. According to him, Saadi Gadhafi never attempted to break any restraints placed on him and his family.

Saadi, a former professional soccer player who turned businessman during his father’s rule, is banned from traveling while his assets are frozen under a U.N. Security Council resolution. In addition, Interpol member states are required to arrest Saadi and extradite him if he is spotted on their soil.

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