Alec Baldwin Thrown Off Flight

Hollywood star Alec Baldwin was asked to disembark an airplane operated by American Airlines for declining to switch off his smart-phone before departure, the airline said on its Facebook page. The actor played “Words with Friends” on his mobile phone while on an American Airlines aircraft preparing to depart from Los Angeles International for New York on Tuesday. When asked to do so he Baldwin took his phone with him in the lavatory and slammed the door, the statement reads, adding that the actor behaved in an extremely rude manner.

Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Flight

The airline said that even the cockpit crew heard the noise when Baldwin slammed the door, and asked the cabin crew to check what is going on aboard the plane. Then the actor called the crew members inappropriate names, using offensive language, according to the statement issued by American Airlines.

Alec Baldwin used his Twitter account to share his views on the unpleasant accident. He went on to say that a flight attendant asked him to leave the plane for playing while the aircraft was not moving, sitting at the gate, when passengers are allowed to use their mobile electronic devices.

Later, Alec Baldwin was backed by boxer Oscar De La Hoya who was on the same flight and witnessed the accident. Baldwin was only a little angry and was just turning off his devices, according La Hoya. The actor did nothing wrong while the flight attendant overreacted, the boxer added.

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