Lady Gaga Visits The White House To Address Bullying Issues

Star performer Lady Gaga met with Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to President Barack Obama, in the White House to discuss her anti-bullying campaign, Jarrett said in a blog post. Jarrett described Lady Gaga’s initiative as a source of strength for numerous young people who feel scared at school, writing on the official White House blog page.

Lady Gaga Anti Bullying

The two discussed the singer’s newest project to launch the Born This Way Foundation, together with the MacArthur Foundation and Harvard University, an initiative aimed at exploring new ways to change the culture and policies related to child safety in U.S. schools. This is a very personal project for Lady Gaga for she was often bullied in school for being different.

Lady Gaga did not meet President Obama, who was delivering a key speech on the economy in Kansas, but the pop singer met several senior officials in the White House, in addition to her meeting with Valerie Jarrett.

Some 13 million students in the United States are affected by bullying, according to a recent research paper by the White House, with over 30 percent of all victims of bullying attending schools. According to Jarrett, the White House mulls options to provide support to the Born This Way Foundation and back a continuous campaign to fight bullying.

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