FBI Supposedly Knows DB Cooper’s Identity

Marla Cooper, niece of a man known as LD Cooper, insists that her uncle was the man who hijacked a Boeing 727 and parachuted with $200,000 in ransom money nearly half a century ago, becoming infamous under the alias “DB Cooper.” FBI agents investigated hundreds of identities during the years but never uncovered the man’s true identity, while this is still the only unsolved hijacking case in the history of American aviation.

ld cooper

LD Cooper made his way to Marla Cooper’s family home on Thanksgiving day 1971, insisting he was badly injured in a car accident. Her family lived in Sisters, Oregon at that time, and her father forbid her to tell anyone what she saw and hear when her uncle arrived on that day. She turned to the FBI only last year, while LD Cooper passed away in 1999.

According to her, FBI agents are about to close the case because they are certain that her uncle committed the hijacking 40 years ago. The FBI declined to comment whether they are closing the case or not, but confirmed that Marla Cooper is believed to be a credible witness.

“The Skyjacking” is still one of the greatest recent America’s mysteries after a boy digging on a Columbia River beach in 1980 uncovered three bundles of $20 bills, which featured serial numbers that pointed to Cooper’s ransom cash. He parachuted somewhere over southwestern Washington after he released the 36 passengers and two flight attendants on board of Boeing 727 flying from Portland to Seattle.

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