Biggest Loser Winner

John Rhode is the Biggest Loser Winner, getting $250,000 in cash and taking the title of the Season 12 winner. During the show, John managed to reduce his weight by about 220 pounds, which is nearly 50 percent of his body weight.

Biggest Loser Winner

Commentators were surprised to witness Rhode voting to keep former NFL player Antone Davis in the game in an earlier elimination but John proved he had made the right decision, which helped him keep his concentration and determination in the final stage of the competition. Later, he revealed that the reason for his vote was his desire to work out harder and longer and adhere to his diet, only to face and beat Antone at the finale of Biggest Loser Winner.

John Rhode ousted Antone Davis and Ramon Medeiros to grab the title, revealing that he has been given a new life. He added that now he wants to keep working hard, stay focused and help people. The 41-year-old Rhode told journalists he is hoping to stay the course as he gets older, adding that he dreamed of being the Biggest Loser Winner.

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