Lindsay Lohan Leaked Photos

Lindsay Lohan leaked photos were exposed online causing expected media hype and provoking comments that the pictures were published intentionally as part of a campaign to publicize Playboy’s issue featuring the actress on its front page. The 25-year-old actress imitates Marilyn Monroe on the cover of the magazine that leaked online and appeared on numerous blogs and online media outlets.

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Photo

The Lindsay Lohan leaked photos might be considered a well-prepared move by PR experts who also organized her appearance in the December 15 episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where the entire set of photos will be unveiled. Playboy have reportedly paid $1 million to undress on the cover of their January/February issue, where readers would also find an interview with the actress.

Recently the actress experienced a lot of troubles, after being sentenced to complete a 53 days at the L.A. morgue and visit 18 therapy sessions by March. Otherwise, she is facing 270 days behind bars for violating her probation in a necklace-theft cases along with DUI.

The perfect timing of Lindsay Lohan leaked photos, which attracted great attention, is hinting that it is not an insider who stole and published the photos but a well organized campaign is under way. Nevertheless, the quality of the photo set is indisputable, most commentators agree.

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