Mark Ingram: Tropical Storms and the Tide

While residents on the coast watch for a big storm that could very well wipe out a large section of our East Coast, folks in Alabama want to know one thing, how long will their Heisman Trophy winner be out of football. Many folks are recovering from the horrible effects of Hurricane Katrina even now five years later. However, the good people of Alabama have a storm all their own they are watching. The storm commanding everyone’s attention is Mark Ingram and not Earl.

The running back won the Heisman Trophy last year while leading the Tide to a National Championship. Tomorrow he will have arthroscopic surgery on his knee and the vision for his future along with a host of Tide fans is unknown. One thing is clear, people in Alabama bleed either crimson and white or blue and orange. Mark Ingram chose the Tide and helped get that elusive National Championship back.

Now, the youngster is heading for what could be a career ending surgery and the biggest question throughout the state has nothing to do with tropical storms. The Tide was high without a storm in sight, however, now the tried and true, the ones who bleed crimson and white are on the edge. The last thing Tide fans want to hear right now is that their hero is out indefinitely. In the meantime, Trent Richardson will get the chance of a lifetime in Mark Ingram’s running back position this weekend against San Jose State with hopes becoming the new high for the Tide.

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