Lindsay Lohan Playboy

Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan will be on the cover of January/February issue of Playboy but numerous online users were able to see Lindsay Lohan in Playboy after leaked photos were published online during the week. The cover image of the magazine shows Lohan as Marilyn Monroe, demonstrating her new look with platinum blond hair and crimson red lipstick.

Lindsay Lohan Playboy

Initially, the Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos were scheduled to be unveiled on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Dec. 15, but the photos leaked on the Internet a week earlier. Lohan’s publicist Steve Honig went on to say that readers are to uncover a new side of Lindsay in an accompanying interview, while the pictorial is very tasteful.

The actress was convicted with shoplifting and was arrested for half a day in November following a probation violation . Later, a judge ordered she has to spend some time as a volunteer at the L.A. morgue in order to avoid effective sentence.

Lindsay Lohan in Playboy is worth $1 million, this is the fee that the magazine paid to the actress to convince her to pose for their January/February issue.

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