Winter Solstice 2011

Winter solstice 2011 is taking place on Wednesday and Thursday, marking the shortest day in the winter after which the days are growing longer. Thursday’s daylight lasts for 9 hours and 26 minutes thus marking the winter solstice 2011. In the Western Hemisphere, the day will grow to 10 hours of daylight after January 25, scientists said.

Winter solstice 2011

The shortest day in the year have played an important role in various religions and cults since time immemorial and even contemporary human beings are not feeling very comfortably during the long winter nights, psychologists claim. That is why this day is celebrated with much light all around the world.

Winter solstice 2011 is much the same as every other winter solstice but it will be remembered with heavy rains in many parts of the United States instead of snowing that is more common during this time of the year.

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