‘Live! With Kelly’ Ratings Plummet Without Regis Philbin

Media experts were surprised to see that ‘Live! With Kelly’ ratings plummet without Regis Philbin, gaining 12 percent year-over-year since he had left the TV show. Philbin left in November after spending long years on the show and media pundits predicted that ratings are going to drop. However, the TV show attracted more viewers with Ripa at the helm. In addition, guest hosts are attracting enough viewers’ attention to boost the ratings further, according to a report by the New York Times.

Live With Kelly Ratings

During the November 21 to December 21 period, the show enjoyed 3.93 million viewers on average, while its female audience jumped 14 percent to 1 million, the report reads. Thus, ‘Live! With Kelly’ ratings plummet without Regis Philbin and over a million women aged between 25 and 54 follows the TV show.

Guest hosts, including celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, Neil Patrick Harris and Josh Grobin, helped the show increase its ratings, attracting more than the average number of viewers during their performance.

The core audience of the show is of young and middle-aged women who evidently helped ‘Live! With Kelly’ Ratings plummet without Regis Philbin.

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