Matt Damon SLAMS President Obama

Not many Hollywood stars are known for their in-depth knowledge and involvement in political affairs but Democrat voters and Obama backers witnessed how Matt Damon SLAMS President Obama once again in a magazine interview. He told Elle that he is dissatisfied with the present U.S. President, saying that many of his acquaintances who volunteered for Obama presidential campaign are now deeply disappointed. Damon also said that he will not be fooled by a politician again, adding that a one-term president could be a better option for the United States in general.

Matt Damon Obama

Actually, the news is not that Matt Damon SLAMS President Obama once again but do America need two-term Presidents who mandate spans 10 years at the helm of a leading world nation. Damon was involved in Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008 and appeared to be among the best-known celebrities on the list of Obama’s supporters, along with Oprah Winfrey.

Why Matt Damon SLAMS President Obama once again, interviewer asked, and Damon replied, referencing the Occupy protesters in Vancouver, that one would only imagine what would happen if all those people on the street had a leader.

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