Nick Cannon Kidney Failure

Mariah Carey announced that her husband had been transferred to a L.A. hospital but Nick Cannon kidney failure is not considered life-threatening. The 42-year-old actress said he was transferred from a hospital in Aspen, Colorado, where the couple was on vacation. The 31-year-old host of “America’s Got Talent” used his Tweeter account to assure his fans that he is fine, saying, “Thank you all for all your love, prayers and concern. You know me… I will be a’ight.”

Nick Cannon Kidney Failure

Nick Cannon kidney failure is actually “mild kidney failure,” according to the actress, who also went on to say that her husband is in stable condition. Former president of the National Kidney Foundation, Dr. Bryan Becker, told the press that such “mild kidney failure” can be caused by an illness or some sort of over-the-counter medicinal drug, including Advil or Motrin. It is not known what caused Nick Cannon kidney failure, though.

According to Becker, other possible causes include dehydration, pneumonia or stomach problems that lead to decreased fluid. The prognosis is usually good, he added.

Actually, the TV show host is demonstrating good spirits, his wife said, adding that Nick Cannon kidney failure can be considered very painful.

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