Apple iTunes 10: New Design Breaks on Wednesday

Music lovers world wide are about to be treated to a huge update via their song selection and method of finding the music most sought after. Steve Jobs has been on the prowl again and now he has given smart phone owners using Facebook and Twitter the chance to push their music out that way. The new wave for music fans will come via those smart phones. The Apple iTunes 10 has it’s own social component of the iTunes Store.

In addition to that good news, Ping is an opt-in social network that lets customers follow their favorite artist and then friends could join in the following. Ping will be available in the iPhone and iPod touch as  in the iTunes app. In addition to these changes, a new hybrid view that reorganizes the applications display will be available. The Apple iTunes 10 will allow the user to display an icon of the album without crowding the page.

If you are already getting  excited over the various upcoming changes, be sure to check in as this version will be available for a free download on Wednesday. You can get it for free on either the or sites. If all this is new and foreign to you, be on the look out for the new logo that takes out the CD and brings in a surprisingly sleek look. The Apple iTunes 10 will allow users to find over 17,000 concert listings as well.

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