Betty White Turns 90

Betty White turns 90 with U.S. President Barack Obama sending a video message to the “Golden Girls” actress saying she have to prove her age by providing a detailed birth certificate. The actress appeared on an NBC’s morning show, revealing that she was very lucky to have all the jobs she had during the years, while not planning to retire yet.

Betty White 90

The 90-year-old-star premiered her new show “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers” which in fact is a hidden camera series. The actress joked in a recent interview that Americans cannot get rid of her, while enjoying a fruitful career not many other past or present Hollywood stars have had during the years. Betty White turns 90 following a continuous career as a daytime talk show host and a pioneer sitcom star. She had been nominated for an Emmy in 1950 for her character in “Life With Elizabeth” and only recently appeared in a Super Bowl ad, which once again boosted her popularity.

The NBC network invited her former co-star Mary Tyler Moore as well as Carol Burnett and Amy Poehler to appear in a prime-time special where Betty White turns 90 in front of cameras, while actor Zachary Levi got kissed by White in return to his apparently humorous marriage proposal.

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