The Discovery Channel: James Lee

Information leaking out of the Silver Springs, Maryland offices of the Discovery Channel is not only confusing, it is shattering the lives of those involved. While most of the details remain behind closed doors, a few pieces of the puzzle have leaked out since the story first broke. The fact that the website called Saved the Planet Protest is at the heart of this hostage situations is baffling. The Discovery Channel is apparently the number one target of James Lee.

A search for the person who actually owns the domain name which started this whole debacle brings his name up and he is already known for his history for protesting outside the offices of The Discovery Channel. A quick read of the  events leading up to this point indicate that  the author of the Save the Planet Protest is part of the hostage situation in Silver Springs. Moreover, the fact that the owner of the domain name is in some way responsible as well. The only reports coming from site is that the gunman has been identified as an Asian male and could be James Lee.

A plethora of information can be found on the website and it is summarized as being the work of this one man. However, the intentions behind all the commotion is still a bit difficult to understand. These are the types of issues that we’ve watched evolve over the years via the Internet and Social Media and knew that at some point, as a society, we were going to have to address this type of behavior. That doesn’t make the taking of hostage by anyone, even James Lee, acceptable but it has been barreling down on us like a locomotive for years.

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