The Bachelor Spoilers Season 16

The Bachelor spoilers Season 16 seem to provoke very mixed reactions across different audiences when the show was staged in San Francisco and Ben called the city his home, annoying watchers who liked him for calling ‘home’ Sanoma last week. While Ben was chatting with his sister, the other 16 contestants got to their new suite, with host Chris Harrison urging the women to prepare for one group date and a pair of one-on-one dates during the week.

Bachelor SPoilers

Ben invited Emily to climb the Bay Bridge, where the woman got stuck after reaching a certain height. Then Ben kissed her, an act that encouraged the Bachelorette spoilers Season 16 contestant to continue her climbing walk and get rewarded with a dinner by the bridge. She got a rose from Ben and the two enjoyed a “private” fireworks show. Later on, Ben and the ladies attended a group date involving snow skiing down a random San Francisco street, followed by a visit to the hotel pool.

A mysterious woman, who uncovered she is Shawntel, the funeral director from Brad Womack’s season, appeared at the show causing havoc among the women who are partying at the hotel. Following a string of bad wording from the angry contestants, Ben is set to choose among three women: the Bachelorette spoilers Season 16 runner-ups Erica, Shawntel and Jaclyn, leaving him with less room to maneuver and forcing him to opt for the three of them in a surprising move.

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