Argentina to File Protest Against Great Britain at U.N.

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner announced that Argentina is to file protest against Great Britain at U.N. following moves by the British military that have been described as “militarization” of the Falkland Islands, local media reported. The Falklands War erupted in April 30 years ago following an exchange of exchange of accusations between Argentina and the United Kingdom although most political commentators agree that a new war between the countries over the Falkland Islands is highly unlikely.

Argentina Complaint

The UK sent a destroyer to the region while UK’s Prince William, second in line to the throne, has also been deployed to the Falkland Islands last week causing a massive wave of media hype. A decision by Argentina to file protest against Great Britain at U.N. would be a unwise move, according to a Downing St. spokeswoman who added that the British military posture in the region remains the same. South America’s trading bloc Mercosur announced a decision in December preventing Falkland Islands’ based ships from entering ports across its member states, while London responded by the HMS Dauntless to the South Atlantic.

The British side insists both the deployment of Prince William and the Royal Navy destroyer are “routine”, nevertheless a nervous Argentine president continuously states that Argentina is to file protest against Britain at U.N., urging the Security Council to take measures against “the militarization”.

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