Huge Whale Shark Caught

Huge whale shark caught by Pakistani fishermen near Karachi managed to sell the giant fish for 1.7 million rupees, or $18,000, local media reported. The 40-foot-long whale shark was removed from the boat with the help of five cranes before the eyes of a huge crowd in the port of Karachi.

Whale Shark

A huge whale shark caught by a fishing net is not an uncommon event in Pakistan although the fish is protected by the law in numerous countries around the world. According to estimates, Pakistan is on the list of the Top 20 shark exporting countries in the world, with Southeast Asia countries exporting the bulk park of sharks globally.

Population of whale shark is constantly decreasing, which forced the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources to declared it a threatened species in 2008. Nevertheless, fishermen in Southeast Asia continue to hunt for the big fish, which despite its size is not an aggressive or human-attacking creature.

Local sources in Karachi said that at least 30 whale sharks have been caught in the sea offshore Karachi in the past decade, making it the site with the largest number of catches officially reported. A huge whale shark is caught usually by boats hunting for other fish and fishermen routinely say that the whale shark has been already dead when taken aboard, to avoid prosecution.

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