Surfing Dolphins Make Waves In Florida

Surfing dolphins make waves in Florida, where surfers near St. Pete Beach can enjoy the company of a pair of playful bottlenose dolphins. Dolphins are close relatives to the whales and porpoises, although much more friendly to people, and can reach up to 30 ft in size. Some forty species of dolphin distributed in 17 genera exist across the globe, with all dolphins being one of the most intelligent animals on Earth along with pigs and anthropoids.

Surfing Dolphins Florida

It is not quite unusual for surfing dolphins to make waves in Florida since dolphins inhabit virtually all seas and ocean, while members of the Delphinidae family can also be meet in rivers on all continents. They are usually living in groups called a “school” or a “pod” but many male-female couples are observed to play together in the shallow waters close to beaches visited by humans.

According to experts, the dolphins in Florida have been Common Bottlenose Dolphin, or Tursiops truncatus of the Genus Tursiops family, which are similar but not identical to the Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin, or Tursiops aduncus, which is a more common inhabitant of the Pacific.

Some scientist attribute the playful character of the dolphins to their early predecessors of the Artiodactyl order, who entered the water some 50 million years ago, during the Eocene. Unfortunately, predecessors of the human kind were unable to catch on video how surfing dolphins make waves in Florida in the epoch of Eocene when a handful of amazing teeth-rich creatures inhabited our planet.

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