Oil Rig Explosion

It isn’t enough that as a nation looking back, the horrible disaster of Valdez was simply dusted off and everyone was given the go ahead that it was a one time accident. Sure, it was years later but look now, months after the mess in the Gulf and clean up is still just partially underway. Here we are now, one clean up still in progress and we are dealing with yet another explosion. Citizens have to realize that Oil Rig Explosion are not normal and we need not sit back and let this go unnoticed.

This time, the  Gulf of Mexico is bound to see some horrible after effects of yet another spill. This rig is reportedly east of the Deepwater Horizon rig which exploded in April. As if anyone can even phantom what this second explosion may do to the area. This was another oil rig explosion that forced workers to jump overboard while the rig was still in flames.

The actual explosion took place off the coast of Louisiana. According to authorities, this particular rig was not in the process of drilling operations making the problem easier to cope with than the earlier spill. The bottom line at this point has nothing to do with damage control as far as oil rig explosions do but more about how to prevent this events from recurring at such a rapid rate.

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