Labor Day Plans

Some holidays bring traditions of celebrations. Many equate Thanksgiving with standing in airports trying to fight the crowds. Other smaller holidays lend themselves to families kicking back doing as little as possible. Labor Day for 2010 will leave many residents who are suffering the effects of Hurricane Earl with new but not necessarily fond memories.

The new memories may not necessarily be good memories but the chances are, the folks in the path of Earl will not forget this holiday anytime soon. A representative for AAA indicated that travelers in the area should look to find alternate routes if the east coast is part of your plans. John F. Kennedy International and Newark Liberty International have both started implementing emergency plans. The Labor Day plans in La Guardia are already up to at least an hour.

If your plans for this resting and relaxing holidays doesn’t include any traveling, several sitcoms and series are showing marathon episodes on television. Depending on how many times you’ve taken these kinds of weekends and just opted to kick back, you probably already know where to find endless runs of Law and Order or SpongeBob Squarepants. Other big shows that you can probably find back to back include CSI episodes, NCIS and maybe even some of the lighter shows like Two and a Half Men. Either way,  if you are traveling, watching television marathons or sitting on a nearby beach working on your reading tan, Labor Day is here and fall is just around the corner.

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