Woodstock Fair 2010

If you aren’t hanging out in a college football parking lot somewhere tailgating or prepping to watch your favorite game at home, the entertainment is still endless. Labor Day brings lots of other fun events and some have nothing to do with football. Of course, it might be difficult to explain that to a football fanatic but, some traditions just never end. The 150th Annual Woodstock Fair is on tap and will run the entire weekend.

The entire weekend is lit up in Woodstock, Connecticut, so don’t think you have to miss anything. The fair started yesterday and ends with a big fireworks show on Monday night. That gives football fans a chance to take in their favorite pigskin game and tailgating parties without missing the fun of the traditional fair. The Woodstock Fair will be sporting the Original Stars of American Bandstand today alone.

By Sunday afternoon, Blue Oyster Cult and Little Texas will hit the stage. The big party culminates on Monday with a huge parade and of course the fireworks. The gates will open each day at 9:00 AM so get to the fair early and enjoy the fun. The kickoff of college football is big, but the Woodstock Fair is strong on tradition too.

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