Spokeo: New Wave Everything

The world wide web has grown by leaps and bounds in just a few years. Various search engines and new tracking methods show up any day. Social media has moved higher and higher up the marketing chain with each and every new movement. Spokeo is the newest aggregator site on the block.

The new social network aggregator that takes data from various online and offline sources putting it together in one spot and easier to find. This includes phone directories, social networks, photo albums along with business websites, government census information and more. This one site makes it possible to put in a name and city to get real time information such as a person’s address and even other family members that live in that house. Spokeo has even pulled information such as what people do in their free time into the picture making privacy basically impossible.

Since the site hasn’t garnered a lot of attention yet, the folks who have used it are amazed at the wealth of information meshed into one place. The search engine basically takes information from individuals networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and mailing lists. While security has been an issue for many people for quite some time regarding information that is available online, others have just figured it was a sign of the times moving forward. Spokeo knows about you and may very well be the next sign of Big Brother’s arrival.

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