Zabasearch: More New Information

It seems that about every day a new search engine, a new site aggregator and more indepth social media sites are born. Almost all Internet users were born into the world of Yahoo, many moved to Google and then Social Media stepped in fast and furious. Once sites like Twitter and Facebook took over, privacy went a little further out the window. Now, Zabasearch, a search engine much like Spokeo can get you almost anything you want to know about someone.

By using location based services like Whrrl and Foursquare, online users have basically put huge targets on their back. Notifying the entire inter-webs to know when and where you are at any moment. Thus leaving your home vulnerable to intruders. Zabasearch takes the information just like Spokeo, by entering a person’s name, the search can lead complete strangers to your home and your family.

Any site aggregator will attempt to pull information in from various sources where online users are leaving their virtual foot print. Some people without even knowing what they are revealing can find themselves an open book to the world. Security has been an issue from the very beginning and users have always been warned of the various dangers. Zabasearch and Spokeo just make information a lot easier to get than it did just a few months ago even.

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