Bob Schimmel Remembered by Howard Stern

One of the biggest comedians in our present day has lost his life. He and his daughter were in a car accident in late August. She survived but although he made it to the local emergency room, he later died of problems from the accident. Bob Schimmel is formally known as Robert but his friends definitely just call him Bob.

He was most well known for some of his  best x-rated comedy. He had several comedy albums out and was a guest on HBO and The Howard Stern show. He was with his daughter, who was driving, when the accident occurred. He was transported to Phoenix hospital but at the young age of 60, Bob Schimmel left 6 children and a wife behind to mourn his sadness.

Howard Stern announced this morning that he will be airing a special tonight for the comedian on Howard 101. Stern was a die hard fan of  the comedian and says that he is definitely “hard guy to forget”. The fans have come from near and far to offer up their support to the family. Obviously, having a personality like Stern so close to Bob Schimmel has made his memories must sweeter even if they were x-rated by most standards.

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