Google Instant: Leaping Ahead

Avid internet users are always on the look out for the fastest way to get things done. Search engines live and die by the time it takes to produce a result. Plenty of search engines have their own method of measuring success. For Google Instant, it’s a matter of moving the bar before anyone else gets a chance.

On Wednesday,  the step was made by one of the biggest search engines available to pushing the limits on how fast information can be retrieved. The idea that we users are hooked on instant message, twitter, facebook and other methods of instant communication brought the powerhouse to come up with a way to put out real time search results faster. For newcomers, the process is chaotic and some of the experts aren’t terribly sure what might be about to happen. Google Instant could be the kind of innovation that others can’t or don’t duplicate quickly.

As for the various search engines available, almost every Internet user has a favorite but the reasons vary. For the ones using search engines other than Google, a change may be in store. No user ever wants to see their technology moving backward instead of forward. Moreover, Google Instant may have put themselves out of reach for most search engines for several years.

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