Tom Brady Car Accident: Brady Not Injured in Crash

New England Patriots suffered a blow this morning, fortunately it appears that it will not impact their team. The Patriots quarterback was involved in a two car accident early on Thursday morning. The emergency call was apparently made at 6:34 AM EST according to various reports. The Tom Brady car accident ended fortunately as he nor the driver of the other automobile was injured.

Tom Brady Car Accident

The quarterback and the Patriots are preparing to kick off the regular season this upcoming Sunday. He refused to be transported to the hospital opting to have the team doctor check him out. He apparently only suffered from whiplash which in some cases may not have been as bad as some hits he has taken on the field.  The two vehicles involved in the Tom Brady Car Accident were the Audi he was driving and a mini-van which had apparently hit a pole.

The photos of the accident are being released now by yfrog which shows the fire department on the scene. The Globe managed to get a photo of the damage that the quarterbacks car sustained. Then, the Boston Herald was able to show pictures of the car being loaded onto a tow truck.  The Tom Brady Accident doesn’t appear to have been life-threatening for anyone thankfully.

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