September 11 Pictures: Phone App

The biggest topic each and every year for the last 9 years revolves around the tragedies of September 11, 2001. The various sites that were hit with terrorist driven planes hold memorials and pay respect to those who lost their lives with a moment of silence. The greatest tragedy to every occur on US soil will always be the biggest topic on this day. The September 11 pictures can be found on almost any and every Internet page you choose to surf.

In addition to the photos flooding the Internet, the day is full of various photos on television. News stations just continue to repeatedly show the crashing of the towers and the planes in DC and Pennsylvania. If you are looking for more photos, a new app for your phone called Explore 9/11 can be used to access photos. The app offers September 11 pictures from the National September 11 Memorial and Museum which hasn’t opened yet .

In the years since this horrible tragedy, the Internet has made the photos easier to access and so much more clear to see. The details in the photos are amazing by any standard. The app was designed to help users understand what the tragedy looked like in person. The walking tour in the app will give you new September 11 pictures as well as old photos shed in anew light.

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