Grandparents Day 2010

The most commonly heard quote regarding grandparents gets a laugh as grandparents everywhere say if they could have had grandkids first it would have been more fun. That’s the role of the grandparents, to push the limits of acceptability, giving the kids a little free reign. That’s free reign that the never would have afforded their own children. Grandparents Day 2010 is today, September 12, 2010, do something special for any grandparent in your life, not just your own.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were initially the big holidays for the parents and adults. But slowly, the fun of honoring grandparents has taken over. Many kindergarten students hosted their grandparents for a snack at school on Friday. Grandparents Day 2010 is just another good reason for people everywhere to honor the special people in their lives.

Many quotes have come from the relationship of grandparents and grandchildren. Another popular quote that often gets imprinted on toddlers shirts reads something like “When the going get’s tough, I’m going to Grandma’s”. That’s about the way most children feel about visiting their grandparents too. Today is Grandparents Day 2010 so get ready to celebrate and honor your loved ones.

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