Ines Sainz: Female Reporter Harassed by Jets Players and a Coach

Men have always acted as if the locker rooms for various sports was their personal haven. Free from the women who expected a certain code of conduct, the locker room was a place to throw all that aside. Moreover, with male reporters being the only reporters allowed in the locker rooms for post game interviews, the situation intensified. However, Ines Sainz is a female reporter who is speaking out about this type of injustice.

Sainz is not the first female reporter to fight this fight but in recent years, it seemed women had this issue under control. That was until Sainz showed up in the Jets locker room to interview Mark Sanchez. Sainz was quickly deemed the “hottest sports reporter in Mexico” which was not a welcome tag. Ines Sainz reported that not only were the team members making rude remarks toward her, one of the coaches was throwing footballs at her.

While Sainz tried to conduct an interview for the Mexico TV Azteca, she was being harassed by players and at least one coach. Not only was she being harassed by players, the coaches were in on this escapade as well. Naturally the NFL and the Jets general manager have indicated that they would be looking into this matter for more information. The sad part is the fact that the  investigation regarding the Jets and  Ines Sainz  should not have been necessary.

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