Michele Bundy: Shannon Sharpe & CBS

The NFL continues to be rocked of allegations between players  and women in various positions. In some cases, the female issuing the charges is a wife or girlfriend, other times reporters are making their voices heard and some players have complete strangers making allegations of improper conduct. Yesterday was rocked by the story of a reporter and the New York Jets. Today, Michele Bundy has managed to secure a restraining order from Shannon Sharpe a former NFL player and CBS analyst.

Sharpe made the decision to step down from his position with CBS as an NFL analyst until this scenario is resolved. According to the Superior Court in Atlanta, Bundy did receive a temporary restraining order against Sharpe. The  restraining order comes under the pretense of “family violence”. Michele Bundy has a story to tell and if her story is correct, the NFL somehow managed to get another black eye.

Sharpe  left his position as an analyst for CBS but this former NFL superstar still has to face this situation and these allegations. Most experts agree that Sharpe did the right thing by stepping down and this lingering in the background just makes matters worse. Sharpe shouldn’t suffer financially from stepping down at all as he was a successful NFL player. In the meantime, Michele Bundy has a story to tell and the NFL needs to get to the bottom of these repeated behaviors.

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