Hempfest Boston 2010

Hempfest Boston 2010

While a majority of people are awaiting their favorite football teams kick off today, a big group of folks in Boston have something else in mind. The 21st Annual Meeting Boston Freedom Rally got underway at noon today. The event is taking place at the Boston Common and is expected to last 12 to 18 hours. This is better known as the Hempfest Boston 2010.

The big event has two stages set up with speakers and music. Various types of music will be represented at the festival but the big hip-hop group on tap is Onyx. Boston is known for their tough liquor laws. However, the Hempfest Boston 2010 maintains a mere $100 ticket as long as the amount of marijuana is less than one ounce.

Many look at Boston as a college town and neither alcohol or marijuana would be a very good idea as a primary party element. Alcohol is not any bigger in Boston for the college kids than other college towns. However, when it comes to hemp, you might just find it easier to get your hands on it all together in Boston. If you are in Boston today, the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition is proud of the Hempfest Boston 2010 event so go ahead and join them for some fun.

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