Netezza: Now IBM Owned

If you are a computer guru or just your average technological geek, you probably understand the implications of big computer or data companies selling part of what made them special in the first place. The folks on CNN are talking about a recession, one that supposedly ended in June of 2009. The analyst also offer up the fact that we may be in the beginning stages of another recession. If you just bought for Netezza for $1.7 billion then you may  not recognize the recession.

For the record, IBM has purchased the data specialist with indications that they will start to expand their analytics business. If they are indeed planning to make this move up, this was probably a big purchase for them to make. Last month it was Dell and Hewlett-Packard fighting over a data storage company known as 3Par. Either way, IBM has Netezza and this allows them to analyze huge amounts of data at one time.

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