Jessie Jackson Jr: Congressman Rocking Political World

Jesse Jackson Jr

Politics seem to have taken a back seat to a lot of the drama in other parts of the news world, assuming you can take politics out of the wars and recession talk. But, congressmen are having a tough time keeping their names out of the highlights no matter how hard they try. Depending on what the politician has done, the news often gets way out of hand. Jessie Jackson Jr has spoken out about the allegations that he tried to pay for a U.S. Senate Seat.

In the meantime, he refused to respondĀ  to the allegations that he was involved in a relationship with a woman in Washington D.C. The Congressman and his wife were celebrating his wife’s birthday last night and refused to comment on the issue. The general story revolves around Jackson asking a political moneyman Raghuveer Nayak to raise money in exchange for an appointment to Barrack Obama’s vacated seat. This kind of information is exactly what ruins politicians and it’s not likely that Jessie Jackson Jr. will be able to overcome this any easier than anyone before him.

The information regarding Jackson’s involvement with a woman other than his wife has been addressed by his office. However, the statement issued simply states that the issue is a personal matter and will remain between he and his wife. Right now it’s a toss up between the politicians and the professional athletes regarding who can make the biggest horror story for their profession. Currently it’s clear that Jessie Jackson Jr. has some strong contenders in the sports world but he is doing well at holding his own in the controversy department.

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