UT Shooting: Gunman Dies

The good folks in Texas have been rocked today as a shooting on the campus at the University of Texas unraveled. At one point during the initial stages of learning about the shooting, authorities believed there were two shooters. However at this time it is believed that only one shooter existed. The UT shooting was confusing initially as student reports differed regarding the description of the shooter.

The shooter apparently opened fire near a fountain in front of the UT Tower and then retreated to the library where he shot himself. One student reported hearing four gunshots at approximately 8:10 AM this morning and then saw the gunman run past him on the street. The shooter entered the UT Library and then shot himself and died of a self-inflicted gun shot. The UT shooting is reminiscent of a deadly shooting that occurred more than forty years ago near the same clock tower on the Texas campus.

The actual shooter has been identified as a 19-year-old sophomore math major who attended the University. The young man’s name was released as Colton Tooley but his family has not released a statement yet. The masked gunman apparently walked around campus for several minutes garnering the attention of many before starting his own firing rampage. Although the UT shooting has left the university students and officials shaken, authorities indicate that school will return to normal on Wednesday morning.


  1. lynette says:

    god bless the family and all the students to this tragety. our hearts are with the families.

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