Feds Radiating Americans: 4th Amendment Rights Violated

CNN is currently reporting information regarding a foiled terror attack in Europe. Our borders are constantly being monitored for illegal immigrants and of course, the nation in whole is on the look out for illegal drugs. In the meantime, truck drivers are undergoing some serious radiation. The news of feds radiating Americans started last month when the government acquired hundreds of x-ray scanners.

The x-ray scanners shoot dangerous x-rays through vehicles and passengers. The scanners are apparently being used to scan vehicles, passengers and even homes. For those who are keeping up with this horrible story, this is a direct violation of your 4th amendment right. While the scanners used by Feds radiating Americans is upsetting, it is definitely a health hazard as well.

WSBTV reported a huge story yesterday  in reference to these scanners which included federal agents from Homeland Security, the Department of Transportation and the TSA. Apparently a roadblock was set up on Interstate 20 just west of Atlanta and truck drivers were held up for thirty minutes or more. A state-owned inspection station was used for this inspection. While officials admit there was no real threat, the Feds radiating Americans for bomb detection devices was labeled a ”counter-terror operation”.

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