Rick Sanchez Fired: CNN Takes Action

The media has been abuzz since Thursday when one of the more popular CNN reporters stepped out of line. Actually, many believe that what happened should have been a good teachable moment for the network. However, they chose to dismiss the reporter instead of leaving themselves open to more criticism. CNN’s big story reads Rick Sanchez fired and now the media is once again wondering what might happen next.

On the air on Thursday, Sanchez called comedian Jon Stewart a bigot and included his employers, CNN, in a message that insinuated that Jews run both CNN and the media. As of late Friday, CNN and Jon Stewart had both declined to comment. However, CNN finally issued a statement confirming the dismissal after Rick Sanchez fired off with no reservations at all.

Many believe Sanchez to be thin skinned and spouting off because he didn’t like the joking that came from the comedian. CNN used their statement as an opportunity to thank Rick Sanchez for his   service over the years and to wish him well in the future. While his statements were really off-handed and unnecessary, the teachable moments opinion comes from the more educated individuals. Despite even his own colleagues opinions regarding what Rick Sanchez fired off about, he just became a statistics in the unemployment rate for the last quarter of 2010.

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