One Nation Rally

Politics are a difficult topic of conversation among politically differing individuals. Those known for their wide open liberal views will often clash hard against the who walk the conservative line. Today, people from various liberal groups are marching on the National Mall. The walk which the media has labeled as a walk to support the working-class people has been dubbed the One Nation Rally.

The general consensus for this group marching is the desire for those in Washington to make moves to help the people in the U.S. The baseline for the rally is to create jobs and help those in America who don’t have a job as well as end racial profiling. The folks rallying also want to help prevent discrimination in the criminal justice system. The One Nation Rally people are looking to push immigration changes along with an affordable education.

According to various rally organizers this could be the most diverse rally in Washington D.C. ever. The topics of conversation and the hope of the supporters cover a wide range of topics just as any political meeting will do. The march started at Noon and is scheduled to end at 4:00 pm. The One Nation Rally has already confirmed that over 1600 buses unloaded people to take park in the march.

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