Goga Ashkenazi and Gerard Butler in the Works

The lady who wishes “to conquer the world” has a new admirer according to recent reports. Gerard Butler, so says the N.Y. Post, has more than a casual interest in the millionaire business woman Goga Ashkenazi. While Goga’s social life may have many thinking of her as an excessive party girl, just remember that looks can be deceiving. This is one serious lady with serious goals, and Goga will be the first to tell you she does play hard, but she definitely works hard, too.


Ashkenazi and Butler met at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival last month, and reportedly have been in regular contact since. Some fans are questioning Butler’s intentions; is he gold digging, romancing, or both? Not too much need, however, to worry about Goga’s vulnerability. She is obviously a woman very capable of taking care of herself.

Their Cannes Meeting resulted in numbers being exchanged. Then last weekend, Butler, who was linked with Jennifer Aniston last year, was spotted leaving Goga’s west London mansion. Where the relationship is destined to go, only time will tell. For the time being, it seems the interest is mutual between the two.

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