Texas OU Game: 48 Arrested

College football fans are extremely serious about their teams. The fans will tailgate in awful weather and sit through even worse to see their team play. All of which is done in good fun most of the time. However, when the fans of the Texas OU game got out of hand, the authorities were left with nothing to do but start arresting people.

Downtown Dallas was the scene on Friday night where 48 people were arrested. The fans were said to be plain belligerent after street parties managed to get out of hand. Most of the fans arrested were arrested for public intoxication with one report of an arrest for marijuana possession. In addition to the arrests prior to the Texas OU game, 300 parking tickets were issued.

The number 8 Oklahoma Sooners and the number 21 Texas Longhorns play in Dallas today. However, the folks tailgating may have received the warning to keep the partying low since the Dallas police set a precedent last night with the arrests. Football fans are dedicated and often relentless but rarely do sober fans end up in jail. The Texas OU game has definitely proved to be exciting and that happened well before kick off.

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