Twin Cities Marathon

While a large majority of sports fans are high on NFL and College football, others were busy training and running long distance. Sergio Reyes ran his first Marathon in 2005. He didn’t really do too well at that time and has even indicated that he felt like that was his worst marathon ever. The Twin Cities Marathon this year was much different as the 28 year old Reyes left 2 runners behind and finished as the winner.

Reyes winning time was 2 hours 14 minutes and 2 seconds. That was only 7 seconds faster than Jeffrey Eggleston and entire minute before the third place finisher who was the winner in 2008.  One of the highlights for this marathon for Reyes is that this was a personal best for Reyes as a runner. This particular marathon is also the USA  men’s marathon championship. The win for Reyes at the Twin Cities Marathon qualifies him to participate in the 2010 world championships.

Another runner was able to complete the run in 2 hours 27 minutes and 24 seconds. Buzunesh Deba, a 23-year-old Ethiopian, who lives and trains in New York, won the women’s race. This race time also gave Deba a new personal best. This year’s participants in the Twin Cities Marathon made it one of the best marathons of the season.

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