Indiana Unemployment

CNN and Headlines news spend their days analyzing the stock market and spending patterns. U.S. citizens are looking around trying to figure out whether to buy a house, sell a house or continue to just hold in a steady pattern. In the meantime, a large portion of our working force are at home wondering when and if they will find work. After looking over the current information provided by the media, it’s interesting to see that the Indiana Unemployment rate was 10.2% in August which was unchanged from the previous months.

If the folks in Indiana take their Governor’s lead, the rate is relatively low compared to many states. Governor Mitch Daniels feels that this is an indication that Indiana has weathered the financial crises. He actually boasts that Indiana has done much better than their neighboring states. Furthermore, the Indiana Unemployment rate was almost identical to that from August of 2009.

According to various sources, Indiana has brought in 3,000 jobs which takes the year to date additions for Indiana a whopping 54,700 jobs. Governor Daniels has added quite often that Indiana’s growth rate for jobs is 3.5 times faster than the U.S. on a whole. The Governor also stated that the number of unemployment claims is dropping below levels that were noted in 2007. This is one of the ways Governor Daniels is predicting that the Indiana Unemployment rate will start to decline in the upcoming months,

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