FluidNow: Florida Unemployment

October 1st has come and gone and for many companies, this is the beginning of a new year. For those who function on a fiscal year, it’s time to reassess all that you have in your company and make decisions on your future. Today is actually the first Monday in the month of October and that means people are looking over the unemployment rate in Florida. The Unemployment Claims website is known as FluidNow and that’s where Floridians need to go to file their claim.

The good folks in Florida who are job seekers know this website well. Those who have had the same jobs for years on end only to see them disappear right before their eyes, learned quickly that they had to report on Monday, every 2 weeks, to continue receiving their unemployment benefits. The official method of handling your unemployment in Florida is to file your first claim two weeks after your last work day. The FluidNow website can help you work through some of the technicalities.

The unemployment rate continues to be the talk of the nation and for those who are filing unemployment claims, keeping up with when to file and when to expect funds is important. Many families have only this compensation as form of income which makes the details more important to follow. You can file your initial claim by using the website as well. Make sure you have the link to FluidNow which is http://fluidnow.com.

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